I am a therapist with a private practice in West Dundee, IL. This is my necessary first post. : ) My expectations are that I will write a few notes now and then about issues, concerns and thoughts about mental health and daily living. I really enjoy talking about many issues to promote mental well-being and positive relationships in our lives.

My thought for today? I was thinking it is a good idea to remember the adage that the best predictor for future behavior is past behavior. If we are predicting what others in our life might do or how they might react – we only have to look at how they’ve behaved in the past and how they have reacted before. It’s kind of like having a crystal ball.

I do believe that we are able to change but we rarely change spontaneously. We might choose to change and work at it, or lose a loved one, or meet someone phenomenal, or enter therapy or get a new job which may precipitate change but there is usually a catalyst for change. The same goes for each of us. We can choose to change and alter our future behavior.