A lot of problems in our relationships with partners, friends and family – come from miscommunication and misunderstandings.

There are a lot of simple communication tips. One of my favorite tips is pretty basic. “Don’t Exaggerate.” It sounds simple enough. I make it even simpler by suggesting you just take the words “always” and “never” out of your interactions.

How many times have you used the words always or never?

For Example: “You never help me around the house.” “You always are too busy to go out with me.” “You always are so negative about everything.” “You never do what you say you will.”

The words “always” and “never” are seldom true. Tell your partner that he or she never helps you around the house and he or she will come up with at least one time they helped out and the conversation is derailed. “Please help me around the house more by throwing your laundry in the hamper” may be more beneficial. (And hits on another communication rule “be specific”). “I miss spending time with you and would like if we could go out just the two of us sometimes.”

Try taking “always” and “never” out of your relationship vocabulary and see if you notice any difference.