social work
n. Organized work intended to advance the social conditions of a community, and especially of the disadvantaged, by providing psychological counseling, guidance, and assistance, especially in the form of social services. (cited below)

I am a social worker. I am proud to be a social worker. Unfortunately social workers often get a bad rap. In media social workers are often portrayed as angry, unhappy individuals who can’t be bothered to do their jobs and rip children from their parents without consideration. That is not the real picture of a social worker. Social workers mostly try to help people,communities and even the world be better, have better quality life, be safer and be more empowered.

Social workers held about 595,000 jobs in 2006 (

Social workers work with people through all stages of life from birth through dying. Social workers assist in child welfare, family services, hospitals and other medical establishments, state agencies, community programs, schools, volunteer groups, organizations that promote equality and peace, after school programs, substance abuse and addictions, nursing homes, during disasters and traumatic events and in private practice. Just to name a few. If there are people, communities or systems that are struggling or in need there is likely a social worker somewhere helping out. If you know any social workers ask them about what they do everyday and you may be very surprised. Wish them a happy Social Work month!

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