Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Does it ever seem like you keep making the same mistakes again and again? Do you keep getting outcomes you don’t like? For example, every time you try to have a conversation with your significant other you end up in an argument? Maybe you are trying to save your money but it always seems to disappear. Maybe you want to lose 30 pounds and you but the scale just moves up rather than down (Yes – I kind of live in that place.) You see these goals for yourself but keep getting the same results. If whatever behavior you are engaging in isn’t working than it is time to try something different. Below are examples of changing behavior that may result in a different outcome.

Significant Other in fight.

Review: Everytime I try to talk to my significant other we seem to argue. I seem to always approach

               my significant other when he or she is on the computer.

Change Behavior: Try approaching them at a different time.

Evaluate: My significant other was more agreeable to talking. – Then successful outcome.

If not – try something else.

Saving Money

Review: I never seem able to save my money. I keep a budget in my head and balance my check book.

Change Behavior: This paycheck I’m going to write down a budget and write down where I spend  
                                all my money.

Evaluate: I am able to better keep track of my money and started saving – Then successful outcome.

If not – try something else.

Losing Weight

Review: I really want to lose 30 pounds so I feel healthier and better about myself.

Change Behavior: I go out to eat 5 nights a week. I’ll cook at home more and only eat out 1 time a


Evaluate: I am feeling better and have started to lose weight – successful outcome.

If not –try something else.

You might not find the answer the first or even the second time but you might feel better just by trying something different. We all get comfortable in our patterns and behaviors but if we want different outcomes we really have to change our approach. If you aren’t ready to change or just don’t really want to – that’s OK too.  Keep in mind if you keep doing what you are doing – you will keep getting what you are getting.