I was thinking about sibling relationships and serendipitously had this short little blurb about sibling relationships.e-mailed to me.

Siblings and Depression

It basically says that having a loving relationship with your siblings can fend off depression. It also notes that sisters seem to be better depression busters than brothers that brothers are good too.

Do you have siblings? Your siblings have know you longer than anyone else and probably are the only individuals you have that understand where you came from because they were there too. Your siblings have known you the longest of anyone. As I age I believe more and more that it is important to have people in your life who knew you when you were young. We mature and grow and struggle so much we sometimes lose characteristics and dreams of our youth. That doesn’t make them any less a part of us and it is comforting to have someone who remembers the good parts of the old you.

Take a moment and call or e-mail your sibling today. Just say hi – especially if time and distance has separated you. You may just find another way to fight depressing feelings.