When I started writing this post I wanted to write about the words we use to express ourselves.  Words are important.  Words have meaning.  It seems so obvious but how often do we throw around words that aren’t accurate and can cause pain or panic or anxiety.  People toss out words like ‘devastating’ or ‘catastrophic’ or even ‘always’ and ‘never’ and they just aren’t accurate.  When you speak, choose your words carefully.  Ask yourself – is this really what I am trying to convey?  It can make all the difference between a positive interaction and confusion.
I did have some great examples but then decided to forgo them for a website I found which is also about words.  Save the Words
It is all about saving the words that are phasing out of the English language.  It amused me so I thought I’d do my part to save a word.
I am saving the word “starify”.  I don’t know if it is a real word or not but why not use it whenever I can.  It had something to do with decorating using stars.  I can use it in sentences such as “After the age of 10, it is probably not a good idea to starify your bedroom.”  Or “The Fourth of July is a great day to starify your shirt.”  I’m sure I’ll get everyone saying it soon.
Have Fun and Hang in There!