This blog fits under “random ramblings.”  I just wanted to share this article because I thought it was interesting.  It illustrates the changes that come about by indicating what babies born in 2011 will never know about.
Change is inevitable.  Technology scares some people.  People lament that technology pulls people apart, allows people to lose personal connections.  I don’t know if I agree.  I actually think it is kind of cool that I can have contact with my grade school cohorts via Facebook.  It gives a connection to something bigger and ties together the threads of our lives.  People come in and out of our lives all the time, as they should, but it is kind of neat to maintain connections – even nominally- that you wouldn’t otherwise.  I have cousins that I may have almost no contact with if it wasn’t for Facebook so isn’t it a good thing we can stay connected?  I don’t think the fear that people will stop interacting as person will come to pass.  People still need human contact and touch and the exhilaration of being with someone.
On the other hand, I am one for some nostalgia (as my probably 40 photo albums would attest to.)  Choosing some traditions to keep alive would be awesome. 
My brother did give me a US Atlas for Christmas – otherwise known as a paper map- and who knows maybe I’ll be driving somewhere someday and Google maps on my smart phone won’t work and I can pull out the map and figure out where to go.
Also, I’d love if people wrote letters still.  Last weekend I was going through some of my mom’s stuff and she had a bunch of letters from the mid sixties when she was in nursing school.  It was fascinating reading letters from her mom and sisters and my dad and get a snapshot of the world at that time.  Seeing someone’s handwriting, learning about them in a different way and hearing their voice in your head is priceless.  I also have letters my best friend and family wrote me in college.  Oh well.
See- just random ramblings of Julie.  : )