Often cliches and sayings we’ve heard a million times seem trite but hold wisdom if you look past the surface.  It is not unusual for me to throw in a cliche or two in a session if the situation warrants.  In fact it kind of normalizes a lot of situations.  If there is a cliche it must have been true for tons of other people.

Randomly, I also like fortune cookies.  (Which is not the same thing at all but tend to be one line sayings that can actually be kind of hopeful and motivating.)

In fact I like the fortune much more than the cookie.  In my searching of the internet I found a site where I could look up fortunes all day long if I were to choose. (I don’t choose to though.)

Looking for that one line wisdom?  Look no further than the here.

Testing the link right now I got “patience is the key to joy” and maybe it is.  Something for me to think about.