This is really in the random thoughts of Julie Fanning LCSW category.
In session,  I know I use little clichés and metaphors as appropriate to a situation.  These beliefs illustrate a little of which my worldview consists. I am likely to say “we tend to regret what we don’t try more than what we do.” Or “Ask yourself is it better to be right or happy?”
One truism for me is that I believe a person should never utter a statement such as “how much worse could it get” or “it couldn’t get much worse.”  I think that is sort of issuing a challenge to the universe and the universe will live up to the challenge and show us just how much worse it can indeed get.
Instead (as appropriate)…
·        Try to accept a situation for what it is.  It is OK to acknowledge that a situation sucks and it is bad and feels terrible.  Sometimes we feel bad.  Sometimes we are sad or grieve or are angry.  Feeling this way is Ok.
·        Picture the situation being better.  Picture in your mind success or resolution.  If you are unable to picture a better situation then you will struggle with even believing it could be better let alone even getting to that place.
·        There is something to be said for finding positive energy and putting positive thoughts, feelings and actions out there.  It seems if we can find the positive we attract more positive to us.
Really, the bottom line for me – don’t tempt the universe if you can help it.
Just saying.