Somewhere on the places I peruse on the internet there was a discussion about what happens after death and people’s personal beliefs about the afterlife.

One person wrote that they believed that after we are died we review our lives and we see all the times we could have chosen to be loving and we weren’t.
I really like this view – not because I look forward to having all the times I didn’t choose love laid out before me but because really, what an amazing way to live.
I like the idea of using that criterion as a compass to make decisions and live my life.  I could precede my decisions and actions by asking if I am being loving, compassionate or kind.    Both to others and myself. 
I would wager that if the answer to that question  is yes than my decision or action is the correct one.  I don’t think you can go very wrong being loving, compassionate or kind – no matter what the outcome is or how others react to your kindness.  I think many people, including myself, often miss opportunities to be loving or kind.  I’m going to try to keep this in mind as I move forward in my own life.