I see a lot of articles and blogs about “quarter life crisis.”  This would be similar to what people call a midlife crisis but happens when you are in your mid twenties.  It  is a time when you ask yourself all the searching questions.  Why is my life so routine?  Is there more than this?  What is coming next?  Am I wasting my life?  What can I do to seize the moment?.  You then get on with your living your life.  This article here describes the 5 stages of a quarter life crisis.

Here is the thing though.  I’m reading this article and I’m thinking “isn’t that just what life is?”  There are times we mark time, there are periods of growth and renewal, there are times of commitment and joy.  Do we have to qualify it as an event?  I am hopeful that we are always searching for more or our better selves not just at the ages of 25 and 40.  My wish for people is that we are always living and looking for more.  I hope that people take time to sit quietly, build connections, take chances and find joy.  Why categorize and wait till a certain age to have a “crisis”?  There is no magical time when we shouldn’t be growing and the answers are all suddenly clear.  There are always questions and one of the joys of the journey is searching out the answers.   Try to always look inward and outward to live the life you were meant to live.