As much as I preach joy and say “it is what it is”, as much as I believe acceptance of ourselves and others is a necessity and really believe to let go of that which I can’t change – sometimes I struggle with being OK with things I find annoying.  I thought I could occasionally share my pet peeves so to say and show where I struggle.
For example, I do not understand why, when I am driving down a road and there are absolutely no cars behind me, so many drivers pull out right in front of me.  I ask out loud “Why are you doing that?”  Why can’t an individual just wait the extra 4 seconds?  I’d understand if there was a never ending stream of cars but it seems to happen when it is way wide open behind me.  I really, really don’t get it. (And it really, really annoys me.)   I know it is something I can’t change (although if you are one who does this and are reading this – please stop.) 
I would be better off accepting that people will turn in front of me for no apparent reason.  Getting irritated doesn’t change the circumstance and doesn’t get me where I am going faster.  Maybe it is the world trying to teach me understanding or patience.  (That would be a great reframe if I could get myself to buy into it.) 
I’ll keep working on it.