You did everything right.  You checked off the tasks. You crossed all the T’s.  Now you’ve reached that elusive place called ‘happiness’. 
Wait – everything isn’t OK yet.  You are confused because you did everything you were supposed.  This isn’t fair.  If you do everything correctly you are supposed to reach your goal.
Only, it doesn’t always work like that.  Sometimes you put everything into something and it still doesn’t work.  Think about trying a new recipe.  You follow each instruction exactly but when you taste the finished product it is too salty or tastes wrong.  Sometimes a person does everything right and it still doesn’t work out.
You might ask yourself why bother?  You might decide it is to much work for too little result.  You might use the less than stellar outcome as an excuse or barrier to continuing on your journey.  Don’t.
Remind yourself that change and movement is a process.  The imperfect outcomes are just as important as the perfect ones.  Remind yourself that there is no endpoint called ‘happiness’ but the journey itself is filled with moments of happiness.  Don’t give up.  Keep trying.  Trust the process.  It really is worth it.