I was quoted in this article on this local article about Teen Dating Rules.  It was one of those times when I thought up all sorts of great tips after I finished the conversation.  I know you all have been there.  I would have probably said more about social media.  How it is important to monitor your kids use of social media but don’t become all wrapped up in your kids Facebook page.  For example, don’t respond to your child’s friends, don’t take up battle against another kid because you think they’ve hurt yours by a comment.  Don’t make it become more important to you then it even is to them.  Your perception and your child’s might be very different so if you are concerned – Talk to them and model appropriate responses.

I think my parenting advice generally boils down to this.  Trust your instincts.  Put out all the background noise, all the advice (except mine of course – whoops -even mine.) and do what you believe is right.  You know your child better than anyone else.  Trust this.  If your gut is telling you to do something, do it.  If your gut is telling you something is wrong (even if you don’t want to listen,) act on it.  You can do this.  You are the expert.