Sometimes it seems like we are living in such a cynical society.  Many of us presume guilt before innocence, we don’t believe the politicians, we don’t trust others.  We might believe that everyone has an agenda and is out for themselves. The world may be looked at as a difficult place and certainly life isn’t fair.
It can seem like we live in a world where no one believes in anything. When many of us hear the word faith the first thoughts are of religion and God. Although that is one truth and thriving in that spirituality is what they are able to pass on to their children and others in their lives, there can be so much more to it than that.  What I mean is that if you are not particularly religious it doesn’t mean you can’t have faith in something.
I also think it is a bit catching.  If everyone around you lives in cynicism and lack of belief in anything, it is easy to jump on the bandwagon.  There is a reason the saying “misery loves company” came to be.
There is so much we can choose to have faith in.    Faith in your friends.  Faith in your family.  Faith in miracles.  Faith that there is more to this life than you see.   Faith that tomorrow will be better.  Faith that this too shall pass.  Faith that you will be able to recognize joy.  Faith that it is possible to meet your goals.  Faith in the interdependence of humanity.  Faith in yourself and your goodness.
We do ourselves a disservice when we leave all types of faith to the wayside.  Everything in the world is not concrete or black and white.  I wonder how we can reach our full capacity as people if we can’t believe in something that isn’t tangible.
My wish is that we all find something to believe in.  Find something to have faith in and pass that faith onto those in your life.
“Have Faith in yourself and in the future” – Ted Kennedy