“All of our reasoning ends in surrender to feeling.”  Blaise Pascal
~~I hope so~~
Often it seems like people think they are too emotional.  In practice, most people I meet (myself included) are experts at avoiding feeling and intellectualizing and rationalizing absolutely everything.  I don’t like unpleasant or unhappy feelings and I imagine most other people don’t either so sometimes I just don’t feel them.  I put them in a box and I ignore them, or distract myself or tell myself that there is no reason I feel a certain way so stop.  Guess what?  This doesn’t work in the long run.  Emotions are part of our whole being.  They aren’t good or bad, they just are.  They exist.  Sitting with an uncomfortable emotion is necessary sometimes and you will survive it.  When you feel sadness, anger, fear or embarrassment – whatever- stop and just feel it.  It seems so simplistic but we don’t do it.
It goes the other way too.  Sharing love, joy. laughter and tears is ok.  It doesn’t make you less of a person because  you tear up at a meeting.  It doesn’t make you weak to show you care about someone or something.  Making a decision because it makes you happy or because you are in love is not crazy.  Often people think things to death.  Trust your emotions. Sometimes we spend so much time of our lives disavowing feelings as unimportant when they are the essence of our being.
We are feeling beings.  What will happen if you embrace this?