Hi.  I’m Julie and I may be a Doctor Who fan girl.  Yes, I’m doing it.  I’m going to let the side of me that loves Doctor Who come to play.  This show has just some of the most amazing quotes.   Do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to narrow my choices down.  (It was difficult like a difficult thing I’m telling you!)  I also admit I didn’t start watching until the ninth doctor but what can you do?  Though I did include a couple of quotes from previous Doctor incarnations too.  If you have no idea what Doctor Who is all about (which would be a super sad face) you can look here
Doctor Who wikipedia  .

I picked several quotes and they will just be popping up once in awhile in my blog posts.  Look at it like a happy surprise.    Most of these were taken from this article and the comments from the article. 

I can’t judge the accuracy of the quotes but they are “close enough”.  And really, most quotes people are fond of saying are probably just close enough.  Think big picture.

So here we go – and they are in no particular order – Dr. Who quote I like #1.

“There’s something that doesn’t make sense. Let’s go and poke it with a stick.” 
– The Doctor 

I LOVE this quote.  It is almost an endorsement for therapy and is definitely an endorsement of learning.  How many times have you heard “let sleeping dogs lie?” Conventional wisdom says don’t create conflict.  Don’t start a problem but sometimes a little stirring up is beneficial.  I am all for peace and calm.  (Come on, I collect peace signs and have a peace sign tattoo.  I also am Libra and you know Libras like things fair and even.)  Only,  sometimes we don’t get to the heart of things, we don’t hash it out and live life to the fullest if we aren’t exploring, learning and poking it with a stick. 

Go ahead try it.
(Also, a trailer below just so you can get an idea.  Probably not an accurate one but let me tell you.  It grows on you!)