Most Christians of the world celebrate Easter today.  (Happy Easter if you do celebrate!)  I look at today as a time of joy and renewal.  I think we could all use some renewal.  There are so many ways to give your life a lift.  It could be as simple as decluttering. (Could your closet use a good cleaning out?)  It could be as difficult as finally taking that risk you’ve been wishing to take.  What can you do?  You could remind someone that you love them.  You could start that yoga class.  You could go back to church.  You could call an old friend.  You could start writing that book.  You could plan that vacation. You could go for a walk or paint that dresser or cook that recipe you have saved but never find time to make. You could drastically cut back on your diet coke intake (whoops- that’s me.)   Just do SOMETHING.  Embrace this wonderful, blooming time and year and find a way to renew yourself.