Today I was thinking about my favorite thing about being a therapist.  I am constantly amazed at how much I love it.  It is an unexpected surprise because back in the day I thought I would grow old working at an agency specializing in child welfare.  That is a person that I almost don’t recognize now.

I was listening to someone’s story earlier and I was struck of how much of an honor it is to witness other people’s struggles and stories.  It is humbling and awe inspiring (and no, I’m actually not exaggerating) to share these moments with clients.  It is so important for each of us to be heard and to find our voice and I get to help people with that.  I am humbled at how brave so many clients are with taking that step to be vulnerable and say “I want to be known” and “I am worthy.”

I have so much joy and so much appreciation of all of you who allow me to go a short time with you on your journey.  Thank you.