Today I hope you remember that life is not all or nothing.  If you achieve a goal but then backslide – it doesn’t take away from what you achieve.  If you have a bad day, it doesn’t mean all your days will be bad.  (It doesn’t even mean that your entire day will be bad – maybe a couple hours in the afternoon will be perfect.)
If a person hurts you, it doesn’t mean they will always hurt you.  If you make a horrendous choice, it doesn’t mean all your choices will be mistakes.  If you are selfish in a moment – it doesn’t mean you are a selfish person.  If you parent in a way you regret – it doesn’t make you a bad parent.
Life is not black and white.  Although I often say I live in the grey, I don’t believe life is just grey.  I believe life is made up of a million different hues. Life is bold blues and vibrant yellows and even some paisley.  What I am sure of is that life is not black and white.  Find the colors of your life but remember life is not all or nothing.