Each year I make a collage with pictures and phrases that I want to
keep up front in my mind as the New Year progresses.  The pictures and
phrases are specific to me and the person I am hoping to be.  This
year one of my phrases was “not to decide the outcome before I live
the journey.”  Do you ever find yourself not trying something because you already know what the outcome will be? You might play out all the scenarios and come to a conclusion without ever having actually lived the journey. Experience brings wisdom but sometimes our experience gets in the way of us moving forward.  Have you ever said “I’ve tried everything – it won’t work?”  I have and I probably cut myself off from an opportunity.  I’m all for learning from the past but sometimes we give up too easily.  We decide something won’t work and if we looked objectively we’d see that we maybe we didn’t try it fully the last time or the circumstances are different or we are different.   See what opportunities might come your way if you don’t decide the outcome until you live the journey.