One of my goals of trying the 30 posts in 30 days challenge was to get writing regularly again.  You see how well that worked out.  The phenomenal thing is that I finally feel like I have time to write again.  During my little hiatus I decided to take my own advice.  I decided to remember that life is meant to be lived and not endured and that a person can’t profit from  a risk if they never take a chance.  I decided to take a chance. As much as I love private practice, I did not enjoy my day job.  I love the patients I saw but the job itself- not so much.  So,   I quit my W-2 job and decided to jump full into private practice.  This means I am relying totally on myself to make enough money to live.  This is  a scary proposition but worth it to do what I love.  
Hopefully, I will have more time to be creative and relish all that life puts before me.