Playing on pinterest the other day (Yes, I play on Pinterest.  You can check out my boards at I saw this activity.     It is a daily journal.  It must be a new popular thing because I saw journals set up for it at the bookstore yesterday too.  In the one I saw the person kept a recipe box with one index card for each day of the year.  Then each day a person writes one thing about the day down and then as years go by you have nice snapshots of what was going on in your life.  I think this is such an amazing way to remember those moments.


As I start this, I would remember that Saturday I played the game Clue with family members.  I would remember how it is totally not played the same as when I was young and the laughing and confusion and yes actual disagreements we had about how a person wins.  This is one of those moments that make life but really it is not significant enough to be burned in my memory forever.  How nice if a year or two or three down the line, I could look at that card and remember that game.

Remember, these little moments are what makes life.  The interactions with friends and family and our daily dreams and tasks are what life is.  How great to remember some of them.  I am so excited to start this!