The title with the elephant in the room is what brought me to this article.

  Having grown up in a home where there was a parent with severe bi-polar, I am often drawn to articles that speak about mental illness.  I lived a whole childhood where almost no one even acknowledged the sometimes bizarre behavior of my pImagearent.  Silence in families often leads to shame so I argue for speaking out whenever possible.

I don’t know if I agree with this particular article or not.  It talks about someone taking responsibility even during mania and depression.    I am for taking responsibility.  The choices a person might make even regards to taking medication or not does affect our behavior and the consequences of behavior. 

I believe we are always responsible for our actions but that intent, motivation and thoughts are pertinent to behaviors.  In my situation, when my mother found the right combination of medication she was able to function completely fine.  It was a night and day difference in functioning.  If you didn’t know her well you might not even realize she lived with bi-polar illness when on medications.    For her, at least, it shows me that physiological/biological circumstances were real.  There would be no reason for the medication to make such drastic difference if there wasn’t a biological base.  .    I could tell (as I’m sure lots of people who love someone living with mental illness) when my mom missed a couple days of medication.  It was that pronounced.  Is it fair to hold someone completely responsible for something they don’t have control over?  I don’t know

I don’t have the answers but I hope people keep asking the questions and talk openly about the issues.