I often speak about speaking up about your own truth.  Be who you are. Follow your dreams. . I know I can get quite passionate on the subject.  I just am not sure that I always remember to mention that even if it is the path you are supposed to take, it isn’t necessarily easy.


It isn’t easy facing rejection from others of who we are.  Some people won’t agree with the statements you make or the actions you take.  Some people will be brutal in voicing their disagreement.  It isn’t easy being vulnerable and laid out open to others.  Following your own path may mean having to grieve over the safety of hiding, or of not having immediate supports or being unsettled.  There might not be the panacea of freedom; there may be sadness and hollowness.  I encourage everyone to speak up because I think all of our souls are amazing and worthy but don’t worry if it just isn’t your time yet. Don’t worry if you have to take a step back or break.  Everything will happen in its own time.  Everything you do, every path you take, leads you to where you need to be.  None of your time is wasted time