I came across a post today on Livejournal.  This post had encouraging words and things people think survivors of sexual assault should be told.  I looked over all the comments and they all seem very affirming.  The post is a couple of years old but the originator posted it again today because of some of the recent media stories.  She started the original post due to meeting a survivor of sexual assault who had never been told that they have inherent worth.

In my private practice I meet many people who have never been told that they are worthy and they are lovable.  I understand this struggle.  Often my wish is that I could help everyone understand how significant they are.  I want people to know they are worthy and don’t have to earn the love of others   You have meaning just by being you.  You are more than anything that has been done to you.  You are not irrevocably broken – you are whole just the way you are.

This is the link to the wishes for those who have been abuse –   http://sheafrotherdon.livejournal.com/534986.html.