Pretty much everyone I know is sick of political ads and election talk.  Most people know who they are going to vote for at least for the big race for president.  What concerns me, though, is how many people I run into who have no intention of voting.  I hear that there are no good choices or that their vote isn’t going to matter so why bother.

One of my strongest convictions is that it is important for a person to speak up their truth whether it is heard or not.  I think not voting can fall into a bigger picture issue.  Our thoughts matter.  Our beliefs matter. Our viewpoints matter. If we don’t vote in elections isn’t that a way of saying you don’t matter.   What does it say about us when we don’t speak up?  It is like giving permission for the world to take advantage of us.  It is taking a victim stance. Think about how it parallels the rest of your life.  In what areas do you believe that there is nothing you can do so you just let it go?  There are many things in life we can’t control but there are many times we just might feel like speaking up is too much of a hassle and we accept a situation or another person’s viewpoint rather than confront it.   Voting (or speaking up) doesn’t guarantee you the outcome you desire but it does give you a voice.  It lets you say that am not going to passively let others make choices for me.  Who I am matters.

For women:  I admit, it drives me even crazier when women don’t vote.  It frustrates me because just 100 years ago women were not necessarily guaranteed a right to vote.  This isn’t ancient history; there are women still alive who were born at that time.  I believe by not voting a woman is saying “I’m Ok with status quo.”  I’m Ok with making less money than a man.”  “I am OK with not having a decision to dictate my own life.”  “I’m Ok with my husband, brother, son or neighbor having more of a say than I do.”  Our voices transcend political ideologies.  In the end I think most of us want the same things.  We want to be happy and healthy.  We want our families to be happy and healthy.  We want to live a life consistent with our values.  We want to love, live and laugh.  Speak up.  Vote.