It is has been a long time since I posted.  Some of it is just lack of interest or muses as they say.  (I know – not good when I’m trying to connect with others.)  Some of it is lack of time.  I recently started an additional job.  I’m working full time and getting to use my Social Worker skills.  It is pretty awesome.  I’m lucky because I enjoy the people I’ve met that will be my coworkers and virtually everyone seems pretty passionate about helping our clients.

However, change is often difficult.  Even when change is positive, transitions have growing pains.  I’m struggling with decreasing my available hours in my practice.  I love my practice and enjoy my clients so I want to do what is best for them.  I’m worried about not giving everyone 100% because I’m focusing on something else.  I’m worried about feeling too busy and getting overwhelmed.  I was kind of freaking myself out.  True story.

I will drive myself crazy and be ineffective everywhere if I didn’t think of something to decrease my freaking out.  What did I do?  I changed my attitude.  I know – sounds simple.  It really can be but often we let myself get in the way.  I decided to change the way I was thinking about the situation.  I decided not to worry about being super busy.  I decide to work on living in the moment and not anticipating being tired or busy.  Just be shifting my thinking a bit I suddenly felt much more positive about my ability to handle my new job and my practice.

Are there any situations in your life that maybe a small shift of thinking would be helpful?