It can happen anywhere and at any time.  Driving in my car listening to music, lying in bed waiting for sleep, eating at a restaurant with friends or when taking a walk.   There is a moment where I might have perfect clarity.  Where I know, without doubt what my next step would be.  It could be a major thing like the next step in a relationship or accepting a new job.  It might be a minor thing like calling an old friend.  Most of us have those moments where we absolutely are certain of a course of action.

Only, the moment often doesn’t last.  A few hours or days or sometimes even minutes later that absolutely certain fades.  The decision doesn’t seem so clear cut.  All the barriers and roadblocks- often of my own making – gets in the way.  I can often think of many reasons why something – that felt so perfect – is not what I should be doing after the moment passes.

I think that I am better when I just hold on to the moment of clarity.  I acknowledge it existed.  I acknowledge that in that moment I knew that this was the way to go.  I try to hold on to regardless of what all the extraneous noise is telling me.  I think maybe our moments of clarity our truest voice of our soul and should be listened to.*

Try it.  Next time you have a moment of clarity, cling on to it.  Hold tight.  Maybe even write it down.  Step away from all your doubts and obstacles you put in the way.  Act on that moment of clarity.





*An exception would be if your moment of clarity consists of harming yourself.  In that case I would strongly encourage you to wait and talk to someone else about these feelings immediately.