I didn’t write much for this blog the past few months.  I can’t really give you a reason why because I had ideas.  A couple blogs on kindness, one on listening, one on taking chances and one on not wishing time away.  I even had stories to go with each idea but never got around to putting the words down.  Well – I guess there is time to get those down this year.

For now I want to wish you a happy new year.  I think this is one of my favorite holidays because I like the idea of starting anew.  I wish for you to remember that you can’t change the past but you can always start anew –  on any day – not only  January 1st.  My hope is that if you would like to do something differently – live differently- that you have the perseverance, the hope and belief to sustain you.

For this New Year – I wish you to recognize and live in your moments of joy.  I wish for you to connect with others by allowing vulnerability.  I wish for you to keep going despite your fears or tiredness.  I wish for you to forgive yourself for that which you cannot change.  I wish for you to embrace your path and life to the fullest. –  I think I wish that for me too.

Happy New Year!