Happy February!

This is a post with no redeeming value whatsoever.  It is just me rambling to the world (and maybe me avoiding working on my taxes – maybe.) So you will get no advice from me on cutting the word “need” out of your conversations.  No advice on listening to your instincts.  No advice on picking your battles.  No advice at all – just random Julie Fanning LCSW stuff.

First, I am tired of snow.  TIRED OF SNOW.  I just want everyone and their brother to know this.  It doesn’t seem to stop snowing.  Now, I know there are days without new snow and that there have been worse winters in the history of winters but it turns out I don’t care.  I do not want any more snow.

Second, due to me taking another full time job my practice was downsized a bit this year.  Of course I really love my practice and (while avoiding my taxes still) looked up some stats for my practice to see what I actually did in 2013.

In 2013 I had 327 sessions.  It is awesome to think that 327 times I met with people and was privileged for them to share their lives with me.  The average age of my client was 32.  What is funny is I don’t know if I had any actual 32 year olds in my practice in 2013.  I had as young as 5 and as old as 73.  A full 70 percent of my clients were female and 30 percent male.

I am so grateful to be a therapist.  I enjoy learning with and walking a short bit of their journey with them.  Thank you to all my clients and colleagues and readers of my twitter, Facebook and blog pages.  I absolutely adore my practice. J   Now I am going to go work on my taxes (or go read fan fiction – it really is a toss-up.)