I have so many great ideas for my blogs but I keep not making time to write them!  So…all I have been able to get written is another post for MSW online geared to those who are interested in social work or new to the field.  However, being candid,  I think even the older ones among us (meaning me) can use refreshers.

I am a very big proponent about people having their own choice.  One day I was complaining to my BFF about a situation and I said “I don’t know why that makes me so mad!”  She said “you always hate it when you think someone’s choice is being taken away.”

Lightbulb!  I do really hate it when people’s self-determination is taken away.  In fact one of my pet peeves ( and oh there are many) is when people say “If I were them I would…”     NO!  If you were them you would make the same choice they made because that is where your path and experiences would lead.  If you were confronted with the same situation you would make a different choice because that is what your values and experience have shown you.

Anyway, please click on over and read this months blog.  Wishes for tons of joy to come to you!


If I were them…Self Determination and Social Work