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April is…

April is Stress awareness month…
Another reason to celebrate – yay.  (Which could alleviate stress ~ see how it all goes together.)
I think of stress as being heavy and weighted.  Stress brings us down when we are focusing on too many things or have some gigantic worry on our mind.  Even good things can contribute to stress like having a baby or getting a new job.  What is important is how you take care of yourself.  Some people exercise, some people scream, some people have sex, some people get lost in fanfiction for hours (totally not me – really.)  What do you do when you are stressed?  Do you have a plan?  Keep a list of activities to distract and calm your mind so you have a readily available idea to jump into.   It is important to step back and combat stress occasionally.  Without a break from stress your mental and physical well-being can be negatively impacted. Below are some links to follow to find out more about stress awareness month.


April is..

April is…
April is autism awareness month.   To find out more click on the links below.
If you are looking for autism services and you are near Kane/McHenry counties, I have a colleague, Orenza Jaske LCPC, who specializes in autism.  She even runs an autism group for youth in 7th-10th grade.   
Random side note:  Despite having a ton of blog starts and I am still struggling to finish blog posts.  You’d think I would want to share all my brilliant ideas with the world but apparently I am dragging my feet.  I will keep working on it though.  I have high hopes for me.  🙂

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is child abuse awareness month
The first 15 or so years of my career were working in the child welfare field so I was lucky to be involved with a lot of amazing children and their families.
A great link below to for resources and information.

Informed Woman Month

April is Informed Woman Month.  I have no idea what it is all about but I am completely for woman being informed.  (When looking up information I saw several links about it also being National Car Month with a lot of encouragement for woman to learn some basics about maintaining their car.) 
Information and knowledge give us the ability to make good decisions, to develop insight and live a fuller life.  One of my favorite quotes which I’m sure I’ve mentioned on this blog before is “in the times of change, the learners will inherit the earth while the learned are prepared for a world that no longer exists.” (Eric Hoffler).
So get on out there and learn something.

Frog Month

April is Frog Month.  I know it has no mental health meaning but I am happy for frogs to get recognition.  In fact we all like recognition and validation.   Take a moment today to “recognize” or appreciate someone in your life.  Let them know you do notice.

April is…

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  I can’t believe I almost forget this important month awareness.  Having worked in child welfare for 17 years I know that sometimes children are overlooked in the big picture.  Let’s do what we can to keep children safe and support parents and strengthen families. 
For more information, tips and activities visit Child Abuse Prevention.

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