Online Therapy and Coaching:

Online therapy is when you interact with a therapist over the internet.  This may occur through video conference, online chat, telephone or through email.  I offer online therapy video conferencing that occurs in real time along with online chat.

You may consider online therapy or coaching if you:

  • Live in a rural area and there is not a choice of therapists within a reasonable distance.
  • Busy professionals who travel a lot or have an erratic schedule.
  • Individuals who are housebound. (Age, disability or other issue.)
  • You are over 18 years old.  (You must be 18 years old to participate in online therapy with me.)

You are not a candidate for online therapy:

  • You are in crisis.
  •  You are suicidal or a threat to others.
  • You have serious thoughts about hurting yourself or others.
  •  You current situation or mental health diagnosis requires you to need a higher level of care or more intense treatment.
  • You are not comfortable with computers.

Illinois Residents:

For residents in Illinois, video conferencing is very similar to meeting with me in my office.  The first couple of sessions are assessment and discussing goals.  Then we would meet and discuss issues just like in the office.  Generally, if you live a reasonable distance from my office, I would encourage , at least initially, in person sessions.

Residents residing outside of Illinois:

For individuals who reside outside of Illinois, I offer more of a coaching model. For the purpose of coaching it is assumed that the place of treatment is in Illinois.  This means that sessions would be more time limited and goal oriented.  I think of it as more of a motivation/clarifier relationship.


Sessions are all confidential.  I utilize HIPAA compliant video and chat.  Confidentiality is the same as in office therapy.  Exceptions to confidentiality include if you seem to be a danger to yourself, a danger to someone else or about the abuse of a minor or other protected person.


At this time, insurance does not generally cover online counseling or therapy.  Insurance never covers coaching services.

My current online fees:

50-55 minutes online video conferencing – $100  This is paid prior to your session.  Once your appointment is set I will provide you information on making payment.

I have a small amount of room for some reduced fees if needed, please contact me if this is needed.

To start the process you can register and schedule a session by going to

Due to some lag time between calendars I use, the appointment will not be confirmed until I get back to you personally to offer confirmation.  There will be an automated text/email but I will also email you personally to confirm.  If there are not any appointment times that work, please email or call me at 847-220-1442 and see what we can work out.

For more information, please check out my website at